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Many ask about our itinerary for diving Palau since there are so many fascinating dive sites illustrated and named in the publications and guides for the area. We often reply that our itinerary is “guest driven” since our guests are engaging an exclusive charter, so can choose what they want rather than giving over choice to a dive operator trying to please the largest number of clients. But that is an over simplification. Almost all our guests are divers, so our trips do follow a bit of a pattern based on long experience, but with constant consultation and discussion regarding their objectives and options.

The most immediate difference noted with Eclipse or Safari is that they are not speed boats, so about half the first day of any trip is spent getting to the south west facing reef where the best diving is found. But this is hardly wasted, a beautiful trip through a multitude islands offers time to make the first of many decisions to be made. Palau’s famous wreck dives are found on the way to the southwest reef, so best dived the first or last day of a trip, if our guests want to dive wrecks. Likewise, Palau’s famous Jellyfish Lake is located about two thirds of the way to the dive areas, so guests decide again when best to visit this unique attraction. If guest are flying the night we return, the jellyfish can wait ‘till the last day when diving may be off the agenda. Many are photographers, and with us you have the time to pursue your particular objectives, whether the large pelagics, sharks, and mantas for which Palau is so famous, or the colorful nudibranchs and other miniature reef dwellers that macro photographers find so compelling. But our long experience here tips us off to events that are so amazing that we plan some dives at specific times, tides, and places to catch the action, often not noticed from boats that are only in the area a few hours each day. A handful of dive sites here are so extraordinary and dynamic that we usually dive them two or three times in the course of the week. So it is easy to see why our itinerary is so hard to pin down. “Guest driven” hardly describes what we offer, but you do get to do what you want.


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