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Sam's Tours offers ECLIPSE and SAFARI

Palau's only private live aboard boats for exclusive charters

Dive with Eclipse and Safari, an amazing trip to a unique destination.

Eclipse, and Safari, Palau�s only chartered liveaboard dive yachts. Just for you and your friends or family.

Avoid diving with crowds, charter your own liveaboard in Palau with a very experienced crew of two at your service. Exclusively for one or two couples, a small group of dive buddies, or even a family of five or six, you get to choose where you dive and how often. You can even opt for other activities like fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, or exploring uninhabited islands and deserted beaches. Enjoy fabulous cuisine while experiencing Palau's most celebrated dives when no one else is there. Spend your vacation immersed in a pristine marine wilderness, not hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and dozens of other divers.

How can we offer exclusive diving in one of the most famous dive destinations in the world? Perhaps a short introduction to Palau's geography will help explain. Almost all of Palau's best dive locations are concentrated along a ten mile stretch of vertical walled barrier reef on the southwest side of the island chain, facing the Philippine Sea. While this makes it easy to travel between a multitude of dive sites each day, this area is far from Koror, the only town in Palau and the location of most hotels and dive operators. The result is that hundreds of divers only arrive in this prime area after nine in the morning, then must leave before three since so much time is spent traveling to and from the dive sites, up to four hours in cramped speed boats each day, for just two dives. The liveaboard dive boats usually choose to dive the most famous locations before or after the multitude. But the four large liveaboards dive in groups of eighteen to thirty, thus providing their own crowds. We have always felt the ultimate adventure was diving with just your own friends or family. Since this area is so rich in amazing dive sites we can explore for days, remaining overnight, so easily get in four stunning dives each day without sharing a dive site, with night dives, too, on Palau's most celebrated walls.

Eclipse, the original chartered liveaboard in Palau has been part of Sam's Tours for twelve years. She has long demonstrated the practicality of equipping a classic ocean racing yacht for long range dive expeditions to keep costs reasonable. Deliberately kept simple, Eclipse is an excellent example of "appropriate technology" for successful operation in remote areas, far from parts stores, technicians and other boats. While basic, she has all the essentials for extended expeditions with more than adequate comfort. For days of adventure for just you and your mate, with another couple, or a fabulous dive trip with a small group of friends, charter Eclipse.

Safari, Palau�s deluxe chartered liveaboard dive yacht is Sam�s latest addition to the fleet. Just for a couple or small family, Safari has the superb comfort of the big dive boats with out the crowds. With air conditioning, a spacious dining area, hot indoor showers, beautiful aft stateroom, and a wide dive assembly deck stretching clear across the stern, Safari is designed for convenient diving with maximum comfort.

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